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Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu
Premier Jiu-Jitsu Gym in Central NJ

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At Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu, you're surrounded by a team of instructors that have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Garry is a multiple time World Champion and ADCC Veteran. He has won in both BJJ and MMA across the globe, competing at the highest level. He is a founding member of the DDS Pro Team under John Danaher and has trained in camps with MMA fighters like GSP. Garry Tonon is dedicated to teaching the art of jiu jitsu. The Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu academy is inclusive to all and features classes for students of all levels of experience, age, gender and fitness. Students from North Brunswick, South Brunswick, East Brunswick, Monroe, Edison and more are benefiting from elite BJJ training at Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu. Join us today!

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North Brunswick Township

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Great environment to train. The instructors are knowledgeable and professional and the students have a great mindset. One of the best places I've ever trained.

Reggie Parker

Great teachers, great team, lots of fun and good training!

Jessa Fran

I know what you’re thinking. These guys choke people, right? I can’t do this, it’s crazy! No it’s not. Garry Tonon and his great group of instructors provide a safe and welcoming environment for all students, from experienced to newbies. It’s a pretty interesting dichotomy, the ultimate individual sport where two opponents face off and submit each other, but at the same time each of those opponents is teaching and helping the other to strengthen his game and benefit the school. It really is a family. Swing on by and try a class, you will NOT be sorry

Timothy Leavy

I was in town from Boston for the week and they welcomed me to train all week. Top-notch academy and super friendly team. Awesome facilities and instructors! Thank you again for welcoming an out-of-towner.

Christopher Ferrara

Coaches are excellent and the mats are kept super clean. Everyone at this gym is super friendly and welcoming. If you're in the area, definitely give this place a visit!

Bee Ryu

Garry is awesome! A world class athlete and instructor. Family friendly atmosphere and great kids program as well!

Andrew Yong Yow

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